Boogie Man

Elmer Barbee's recorded John Lee Hooker in the back of his record store which was located on this parking lot.  

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We are going on a search for John Lee Hooker, the Boogie Man. He lived in Detroit from the late 30's until 1969 when he was divorced from his wife Maude. During this time he joined the army and was conveniently stationed in by the Ford Motor River Rouge plant just outside of Detroit. He got serious and honed his boogie in the rent raisings, store fronts, and ghetto bars in Detroit's Black Bottom all along Hastings Street. His first big hit, "Boogie Chillen" was recorded in 1948 at United Sound Studios on 2nd above Wayne State University . He toured the world and brought it back with him, entertaining the neighboorhood children on his front porch on Jameson, near McClellan. He watched the 1967 Detroit race riots from that front porch. We are going to try and breath the air that John Lee breathed.
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